Tuesday, August 11, 2015

This is one biiig puppy!

So, my dog is hyper. I guess that goes with the territory of being a puppy...and as I haven't had a whole lot of experience with puppies just seems a little, uh, excessive. Especially because I don't particularly care for big dogs jumping up on me. 

So yesterday, about an hour before I had to leave for the staff meeting I had my dog out running around the house. She gets in these hyper moods and there's really not much to do besides waiting it out...and well, she was in the middle of one when she suddenly jumps up on me, and her head connected fully with the underside of my nose (where the nostrils are) and jammed it upwards. I literally saw stars. My hand immediately covered my nose and I was dead sure that when I took my hands away, they would be covered in blood and knowing that if there in fact blood pouring out my nose that I would end up calling my dad and beg him to come home and take me to the ER as I was dead convinced that my nose was broken. I took my hand away and was amazed to find not one drop of blood and dripped from my nose. And so for that moment, the crisis had passed, leaving me in pain but otherwise (I hope, my nose is still sore) unscathed.

Fast forward to yesterday evening. My parents were both home and I was laying down on their bed talking to them as we were discussing going out to eat. All of a sudden the dog takes a flying leap up onto the bed, and lands on both me and my dad...my dad and rolled over to avoid the worst of it, but I hadn't reacted quite as quick and her knee connected with my forehead (temple area) and for the second time that day I saw stars. I know have a slight bump from that incident and my nose hurts (was hurting quite a bit last night at work, should have taken something for it).

Now for the second part of my title. The stupid people part. Well, when I was at work last night, around 2am after I had finished up with most of the work and was attempting to sit and relax for a bit...I got a text message from an unfamilar number. I texted them back to see who it was and the person said it was my brother, which I highly doubted as I knew for a fact that 1. That was not my brother's cell phone and 2. My brother was safe at home in bed (asleep) as he had to get up early for a winter track meet up in NYC today...but to humor this guy I texted him back with my brother's name and he sent me back a message going, no your other brother...which I answered that I only had one brother and that he had the wrong person...so instead of leaving it at that he messages me back with his name "Donnie". I'm half tempted to text back saying that I knew two Donnie's. A mutant turtle and a member of a now defunkt 80's boyband (New Kids on the Block). But as that would take way too much effort on my part, I once again told him he had the wrong person and that I didn't know him. 

So, you think at this point he would give up, right? Nope. Now this time he calls me. Which is just plain annoying. I don't like phones as it is, and knowing that it was this same guy who was either too stupid, or too drunk or too high to get that he was being a pest...oh, not what I wanted to deal with. But I knew that if I didn't answer the call he most likely would just keep calling and messaging me. So I answer and he asks for Chrissy, which I inform him, in my most scathing voice (that I only use for particularly stupid people, mind you) that I WAS not in fact Chrissy and that I had been telling him he had the wrong person for ten minutes and that I would greatly appreciate if he would stop calling and messaging me and lose my number. And I hung up.

Now, you'd think at this point that this guy would stop texting and calling. But either he was really stupid but he texts me ONCE again to apoligize for bothering me. Now, I'm all for apoligizing for wrong doings, but at this point I was just so fed up with him that I seriously wanted to throw the phone against the wall. I really do hope he loses my number. And if he doesn't...well, he might just find his number publically displayed somewhere. He also is very lucky that I have a text plan, or else I would demand that he reimburse me with all the messages that went back and forth between us. Cuz yeah, that's not cool.

So, we finally got hit with some winter weather. Not much, mind you, just enough to remind us that yes, indeed, it is winter.

It was actually pretty anti climatic. Even if you hate snow (like me), the first official snow fall of the year is still a little exciting. How much snow will fall? Will life get interuppted temporarily? Etc. 

I don't think the snow fall reached an inch deep. The roads were messy though, the road crews didn't bother cleaning so I suppose it did interrupt life a tad bit as my coworker called out of work last minute.

Which then meant I had to work the 11-7 shift alone. Which, I don't like to do...but I knew it would be really hard to find coverage, and as I was also working the 3-11 shift yesterday, meant it would be me calling around trying to find someone to come into work. And well...both kids sleep through the night, or at least stay in their beds all night and I had already done most of the work that needed to be done. So I opted to stay there alone. 

And as predicted, nothing happened. I spent the night reading and watching tv. In the morning I got together some of our stock of ice salt toi put on the steps coming into the house and the sidewalk, and then I got one of the clients up for school (though, wasn't sure if he would be going due to the conditions of the road still being iffy, and the fact that we are his primary transportation to and from school)...people were late though, not by too much, one was just a few minutes and one was about 15 so I couldn't complain too much. I was just kind of annoyed that because I was the only one there, I couldn't go to my car to start it up until someone else showed up so I got out of work a bit late.

For a Tuesday that is. Usually post work I sleep until 2pm, I've been up since noon...and oh yeah, I didn't fall asleep until after 9am (usual time 8am). So, esentially I'm running on three hours of sleep. Three good hours of sleep though. Which I think makes a difference.

I had a feeling I wasn't going to be able to sleep much since I got home. I mean, I'm tired, but for whatever reason I've just not had that urge to sleep like I normally do. Partially its because I'm bored of sleeping. And partially it's because I'm attempting to not sleep as much today, to see if it'll help with the sleeping situation tonight.

So I got up, checked the phone for messages (the dog is in heat, and according to my dad, my mom's suppose to call to tell me what to do with her). No messages. So I started a load of wash. And now I am planning on going and getting a very late breakfast of cereal and coffee downstairs in the kitchen...and finish up the book I am reading (no, not "Anna Karenina", I've managed to finish that)...nope, it's "Middlesex" by Jeffrey Eugenides...and very good. Much better than his first attempt at being a novelist with "The Virgin Suicides". But I won't get into that.

And I'm happy to finally announce that the Gilmore Girls is back on tonight (well, it's been on, but reruns since before X-mas). And, despite the crappy episodes that have plauged this season, it sounds like it'll be a good episode. So between the hours of 8pm to 9pm tonight, you'll know where to find me.

Bobby's site (The Bestest Blog of All-Time) is not working right. It won't load properly. It doesn't matter how many times I've hit reload on my browzer (Mozilla by the way), it's still the same, the only thing that loads is what's usually in his left side bar...which is right now taking over the entire screen.

I don't know if it's a problem on my end or what. I'm guessing no though. I think that the problem is that there's just too much "extra" stuff on the blog which either makes the site EXTREMELY slow to load (even on a semi brand new computer like mine), or doesn't allow the page to load at all, or at least properly.

Now, I have a few "frills" on my site, but I don't overdo it like I've noticed on some blogs. I don't have a gazillion ads, I don't have a gazillion little gadgets (wigets?) and well, I think that my blog still gets the traffic it does because of the content I put into my posts, not what I put on my sidebar. Yes, some of the stuff is cute and fun. But when you think about it, why are you really blogging? To express yourself through your written word? Or, by how many widgets you can fit on your blog? 

Personally, I keep my blog to write and to express myself through writing. I don't really add too many extras as I don't really see the need. When I do add something to my sidebar, it's usually related to what I write about or holds a special meaning for me. I don't mind when other people add things to their sidebars, but when it gets to the point where your blog becomes excruciatingly slow to load, or doesn't load at all...well, I think it's time to rethink how necessary all the extras really are.

This is a sticky post. It will stay on the top indefinitely. It's purpose is to remind myself and everyone else visiting my blog that it's important to smile at least once in the day. Whether it's because of a major event (a birth in the family, a marriage, a proposal, a new romance...etc.), or the tiny events in our daily lives that make us smile (seeing a pretty flower, the first snow fall of the year, a funny joke or story you heard, etc.) smilies are an integral part of who we should strive to be, happy and healthy human beings. So if you are visiting...please take the time to read some of the joys that I've experienced in my day to day experiences and please share your own daily joys with me and everyone else. Just click on the Add hugs link at the bottom of this post and share your joy. Hope to see you there!

  1. Finally, after many years of wanting to go see my favorite band, I was able to buy tickets to an upcoming show they are giving.
  2. Having "white" pizza for lunch...something I do not get very often, but througly enjoy.
  3. Getting my room into a somewhat decent shape than the total chaos it was.
  4. Catching up with some emails that have been piling up in my inbox.
  5. Going to the library.
  6. Good episode of Grey's Anatomy.
  7. Sucessful staff meeting.
  8. Getting my concert tickets in the mail.
  9. A good dinner.
  10. Good night at work.
  11. Sleeping well today.
  12. Homemade bread.
  13. Being able to spend a couple of uninturrupted hours reading.
  14. Going into work to find that all chores have already been done.
  15. Chocolate.
  16. Getting caught up with laundry.
  17. Finishing up a GREAT book.
  18. Gilmore Girls.
  19. Knowing that the end of Bush's (dictatorship) term is nearly over.
  20. Two days off work with NOTHING scheduled.
  21. New blog.